Hotline : 400-7060-767


More than 290 direct operating institutions have been set up in central cities of China, covering more than 300 cities in 30 provinces

We cover 1000+ clinical trial institutions registered by NMPA and 4000+ qualified hospitals in China

Real-time updates of arrivals


Facility support

According to market development and customer needs, we continue to iterate on hardware and products to provide full and efficient facility support for project development.

Refrigerated Truck

Temperature Controlled Packaging

Cold Storage Equipment

Cold Chain Transportation

For emergencies or major meetings, the project emergency team will ensure that the goods are delivered on time by green channels and integrating social resources.

Emergency Plan

Liquid Nitrogen Transportation

Digital Management

Based on industry needs, we have independently developed an industry-leading system to provide support for integrated and comprehensive cold chain logistics services.

Our System

Temperature Monitoring

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