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Sample Transportation
Clinical Trials Drug Transportation
Reagents and Biological Products Transportation
Finished Drug Transportation


Nanfang Hospital of Southern Medical University Dr.Cai

The epidemic situation is always transported with high-end and efficient, and the professional service is sincere and trustworthy. The speed is one step ahead and the service is superior.

Hubei Third People's Hospital Dr.Wang

Under the "epidemic" of the national war, in order to send one ticket, the difficulties to be overcome, efforts and costs to be paid behind it are more difficult than usual. The city Yingji's pick-up staff persisted in our hospital as always, cooperating with the hospital's inspection and sample delivery.

Xinhua Hospital Affiliated to Medical College of Shanghai Jiaotong University Dr.Yang

Urban Yingji transportation is quite professional. The temperature is guaranteed, the parts are picked up quickly and delivered on time. The 400 power receiving personnel are professional, seriously solve problems, have a good service attitude, and the parts picking personnel can pick up the parts on time and provide warm service.


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